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What we're about

Minded is an online tool that helps people plan their life journey, choose the right career and prepare for the workplace.

We take the tools, techniques, insights and experiences found in high performance sport, senior executive teams and life coaching and blend them into digital learning experiences that embed the critical skills and capabilities needed to be successful in all aspects of life.

A powerful pathway and capability tool

Our cutting edge online assessment, planning and learning platform provides insights into a person’s strengths and how they think.

The online learning experience is supported by group activities and mentoring activities that can be tailored to existing learning and development programs.

More than just learning

Pathway Minded provides learners with guidance and knowledge to develop an individually tailored pathway plan.

We first use guided self-reflection to help people find their passion and focus on both mind and body as part of achieving their aspirations. We then give learners access to educational courses which help develop real-world skills.

Skills for life

We deliver the personal and interpersonal skills that prepare young people for the workforce - helping them become better communicators, stronger team members and more engaged employees.

To find out more about how Minded can help, contact us