Pathway Minded is an online tool that helps people plan their life journey, choose the right career and prepare for the workplace.

The Minded Hexagon

The starting point for Pathway Minded is the Minded Hexagon, a modern assessment tool designed specifically to help young people learn about their personality, strengths and how they think.

The straight forward results report also provides essential tips on putting this knowledge into practice and communicating with other personality types.

Minded then uses guided self-reflection to help people find their passion and focus on both mind and body as part of setting goals and achieving their aspirations.

Bite sized learning

Once learners have an understanding of themselves, we introduce a series of short, focused and engaging learning modules. These e-learning modules focus the learner on the things they need in order to create their own tailored pathway plan. The learner will:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Minded Hexagon and put insights into practice
  • Reflect on what they are great at, what motivates them and form their career aspirations
  • Set meaningful and achievable goals that will help them reach these aspirations

Alongside these self-reflective modules, a learner can access a growing library of over 70 educational courses, searchable by keyword and recommended based on their hexagon results.

A personal pathway plan

The Minded Pathway is all about putting learning into action. Using what they have discovered about themselves, learners create a personally tailored pathway plan for achieving their aspirations.

They can then focus on developing skills of interest by completing courses associated with key employability skills, such as resilience, teamwork, communication, learning-agility, problem solving, leadership and time management.

Pathway Minded works for learners and mentors, combining learner engagement with data insights

Engaging learning

Diversity of written, visual and interactive content delivers messages multiple ways, supporting the different ways people prefer to receive information.

Data insights

An easy to use interface makes it a breeze to add and view learners. Get insights into how someone is tracking on their pathway plan in seconds.

We track essential progress and well-being benchmarks to ensure your people are getting the most of their Minded experience. We measure:

  • Confidence
  • Happiness
  • Engagement
  • Purpose

The Pathway Minded advantage

  • Having a tailored pathway gives meaning and purpose to learning.

  • Awareness of strengths and weaknesses in oneself and others supports more productive relationships at school, work and home

  • Having a well defined career plan provides clarity on subject selection and what’s needed to prepare for the future.

  • Time and money are no longer wasted on pursuing arbitrary study choices and career paths.

  • Graduates with strong soft skills are more attractive to employers and better prepared for the jobs of the future.

  • When you love what you do, you are happier at work, more engaged and perform better.

Product Features

  • Initiate class discussions via a teacher moderated forum

  • Access recommended subjects and career pathways for each learner based on their hexagon results

  • Access a host of extra engaging educational courses searchable by keyword

  • Track learners’ progress as they complete modules and courses

  • Adding users is as simple as sharing a website link

  • Create an individual access portal branded to your institution

  • Courses and modules are continually added and upgraded

  • Diversity of written, visual and interactive content delivers messages multiple ways, supporting the different ways people prefer to receive information

Minded was a brilliant experience for our teachers and students Our students gained self-awareness in their areas of strength and were made aware of areas they could develop further as individuals. We were well supported by the Minded team. This is a programme that we would highly recommend.
— Tina Buchanan, Assistant Principal, Kenakena Primary School

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